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I love watching the children at the playground running and jumping...

...they don't know I'm using blanks.

Just your average working stiff who doesn't make enough money to go out and play with other flesh and bone humanoids. I work all day and play with my 2 rescue kittens whenever I can manage ('cause if I don't, the little buggers destroy everything I own). I find my "escapes" whenever and however I can.

Fav books: "eagles dream" series by Jack White, anything Aurthurian Legend and Fiction based in reality. Not a big "fantasy" fan... LOTR not my thing. Elves, monsters and flying horses need not apply.

Fav Music: ALL OF IT. Depends on my mood mostly.

Fav Tv: Cancelled! lol... Wonderfalls, Due South, Family Guy, Robot Chicken. Also watch tons of Discovery.

Fav Movies: Um... uh... yeah sure. I like em.
biology, black leather, ckr, dom/sub, driving, fanfiction, hot wax, kittens!, lurking, mechanics (motorcycle), motorcycles, movies, science, seedy underbelly of society, tv, whips.